The People Will Follow in Groups

When I first started using Instagram, I would see lots of people with follower in the hundreds of thousands, and I had no idea how many of them got that many followers. Some I could understand because they were models, and people like to follow models because they want to gawk at them, or maybe famous celebrities or musicians, but the other ones I didn’t understand. I posted content regularly, but the followers weren’t coming. I wanted more followers than the 10 or so that I gained randomly, so I researched information on how to buy Instagram followers.

I had a theory that people would start to follow me if I had a high number of followers, regardless of whether or not they were interested in my content. There’s something about seeing a large number of people paying attention to something that makes other people want to pay attention as well. I found a service that lets people purchase follower and paid for a few thousand. I wanted it to look like the followers were coming naturally and not in an artificial way, or people would become suspicious of what I was doing and be turned off to my account entirely.

My theory turned out to be right, as the number of followers I had went up after buying the initial set. I went to a couple thousand, and then a couple more after that. It seemed like every three days, a couple more thousand would begin following. I decided to buy some more and speed up the process a little. I went into tens of thousands and lots of people were leaving positive comments on my content. There were some people who left negative comments, but they really didn’t matter because they were easily outnumbered by the other comments and new followers.