Why Most Online Marketers Plan to Fail

How many times have you heard the phrase, “if you fail to plan, you should plan to fail”?

Whenever I consult with online marketing beginners, I constantly find myself shaking my head. I would like to say I am shocked at how many of these people have no plan, but to be honest nothing in this business shocks me anymore. The irony is the people who set themselves up for failure from the beginning, are the first ones to declare online marketing to be one big scam. It used to leave me frustrated, but now I just find it comical.

Any business, online or offline, needs a solid plan behind it. You don’t even need to have a formal business plan, but you need to a have a clear vision of where you are going now and in the future. Countless online marketers wake up each day with no idea of what they are doing, and why in fact they are doing it. How can you reach your goals if you have no idea what they are and how you plan to reach them?

Not having a clear plan is the number one reason most people fail at online marketing. You need to physically write down your goals, even if you think they can’t be reached. It is better to have unrealistic goals and work towards them, than to have none at all. If you can’t reach your goals, then they can always be modified and whittled down to be more realistic. You will find that as you reach one small goal after another, you are building confidence and momentum.

If you find that your have no direction with your online business, I challenge you to sit down and create a simple one year plan. Describe what your goals are and how you plan to reach them. Be as specific as possible and note what sacrifices you are willing to make to reach all of your goals. Be sure to stay consistent and modify things as needed.

To keep yourself on track, every month or two, go over your progress and be honest about where you are at. If you find that you aren’t working as hard as you should be, then just give yourself a quick reality check and get back to business. The key to success is to stay consistent and to continue to work towards your goals.

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